Best Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna

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10.1.17 |


The capital city of the former Habsburg Empire has a few contenders for best Wiener Schnitzel.

Although the famed Figlmüller, who claim to have originated the Schnitzel more than century ago, serve very good Schnitzel in their two Viennese locations, for me, the winner is Schnitzelwirt!

Günther Schmidt, who founded the establishment with his wife Helene, had the ambition to make a ‘Schnitzel zum Fürchten’ - a frightful Schnitzel. A Schnitzel that would be frightfully tasty, frightfully big and frightfully price worthy! A successful bet: Schnitzelwirt offers quality, quantity, taste and value in a traditional Austrian setting!

The choice of Schnitzel is broad, ranging from Cordon Bleu - with ham and cheese - to Schnitzel a la Mexico - with Paprika, ham and mushrooms. Still, I suggest you go for the traditional Wiener Schnitzel: you won’t be disappointed! It’s absolutely exquisite and excellent value for money.

Schnitzelwirt is open from Monday to Saturday from 11.00AM until 9.30PM. Make sure you book in advance, it can be pretty crowded!

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